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    Welcome to Mathematics with Mr. Harpst

    Mr. Harpst at Yellowstone National Park Summer 2018

              Students and Parents who are unable to reach me in person may schedule online zoom conferences, catch up instruction, or general communications online. Contact me by Canvas Message or Email to schedule a zoom meeting during office hours.

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    You and your education are important to me. I love teaching you mathematics! Observing you question and solve your way through new discoveries is so much fun.

    As a 15+ years teaching experienced, certified and highly qualified 6-12 grade mathematics teacher,

    I am thrilled to explore mathematics with our...

    Summit High School Ravens

    Nest of the Ravens


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  • Spirit of Math

    My mind is embedded with the spirit of math

    My mind is filled with numerations

    I use parts of my body to measure and numerate

    I weave using the sacred spirit of math

    I use math in my weaving

    Walk in harmony with the spirit of math

    Walk in beauty with the spirit of math

    Walk in all directions with the spirit of math

    My children...

    may the spirit of math glow in your Life.

    -Dr. Henry H Fowler and Grandma Sally Fowler

    Foreword from Inspiriring Mathematics Lesson from the Navajo Nation Math Circles (Henry Fowler)

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