Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Lang Suby

Happy Fall 2020! My name is Mr. Suby. I am a teacher in the Coconino Cross-Categorical Specialized Program. This is my ninth year as a teacher at Coconino High School. I grew up in Southern Arizona and have a B.S and M.E. in Special Education from Northern Arizona University. I have taught in the elementary school, middle school, and high school settings.

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This 2020 School year will look a little different than the past years. Coconino High School will be on a 3+1 schedule. Your student in the cross-categorical program will be enrolled in a variety of core classes ranging from civics, science, math, and language arts for periods 1 and 2. Your student may then be enrolled in a 55-minutehomeroom advisement class. This is an inclusive class and will consist of students with and without special education services. Last, your student will attend adaptive PE, the transition from school to work program, or a combination of the two.