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Mr. Bryan Taylor

Phone: 9287734090


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Bryan Taylor

Bryan Taylor is a Mobile, AL native and current resident of Flagstaff, AZ.  He is a Certified Exercise Physiologist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and youth soccer coach.  Since 2011 he has worked in cardiac rehabilitation, physical therapy, public recreation, and corporate health and wellness.  He was a member of the NAIA National Champion Mobile Ram Soccer Team in 2002, and has coached soccer at the youth level in Alabama, Alaska, and Arizona. Bryan join Puent de Hozho in 2018 with Fit Kids of Arizona, where he started an after school soccer program in Spring 2019.   A physical activity enthusiast he enjoys playing soccer, mountain biking, running with his dog, and being outside with his wife and son.  Excited about being a part of PdH, his goals are to introduce student to the principles of physical activity, and to build sports skills through a robust after-school sports program. 


  • Remote Class Schedule 2020-21


    Lewis/Tomas (Homeroom Purple): 1:00- 1:30

    Calderon/Tomas (Homeroom Purple): 1:45- 2:15


    Oelerich/Gorman: 12:15-12:45

    Donovan/Motomura (Homeroom Red): 1:00- 1:30

    Hernandez (Homeroom Red): 1:45- 2:15


    Second Green (Fouts): 9:10- 9:40

    Johnson: 9:45- 10:15

    Del Valle: 11:40- 12:10

    Ryan: 12:15-12:45

    Spizzirri: 1:00- 1:30 

    Third Green (Linkletter): 1:45- 2:15


    Second Blue (Fouts): 9:10- 9:40 

    Smith: 9:45- 10:15

    Morales: 11:40- 12:10

    Tsosie: 12:15- 12:45

    Bojarski: 1:00- 1:30

    Third Blue (Linkletter): 1:45- 2:15

  • Lesson Plan Schedule

    • 1/4 - 1/8New Year's Wellness Check
      • No Equipment Needed
    • 1/11 - 1/15: Activity Dice and Coins
      • No Equipment Needed
    • 1/18 - 1/22Single Leg Balance
      • Small object such as a ball or bean bag recommended.
      • 1/18 MLK Day No School 
    • 1/25 - 1/29: Animal Run/March Kindergarten Through 2nd
      • No Equipment Needed
    • 1/25 - 1/29: Balance and Ground Poses 3rd Through 5th
      • Small object such as a ball or bean bag recommended.
  • Suggested Equipment Needs Through May 2021

    Students may need both a small and large ball, or one medium size ball, and a jump rope.  The Jump ropes can be used during exercise times and may be used throughout the semester.

    • Small ball:
      • Such as a tennis ball, whiffle ball, or small foam ball.
    • Large ball:
      • Such as a basketball, volleyball, or soccer ball.
    • OR a Medium sized ball:
      • Size 1 soccer ball, basketball, volleyball, or a medium size rubber "dodge ball" could work to meet both the small and large ball requirement.
    • Bean Bag or Hacky Sack
      • A rolled up ball of socks may be used as an alternative.
    • Jump rope
  • IF students do not have any of items on the equipment list (and will not be able to acquire them) then they need to let their classroom teacher know the week before class. I can possibly provide them with something that can picked up on the Friday before their next class.  The item will need to be return the following week.  However, my supplies are limited.  I would prefer to do this only if necessary, for the students to participate.