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    Welcome to Personal, Social Physical Education

    My name is Coach Taylor and I will be teaching this course for the 2021-22 school year.  You may contact me at or through canvas messages. You may access course lessons and information by going to your grade level canvas page, selecting the modules tab and then choosing the lesson module you wish to view.

    Course Goals

    The goal of this course to teach students life long Physical Literacy skills so that they may partake in appropriate and health physical activity throughout their life.

    • What is Physical Literacy?
      • Physical Literacy is the skills and confidence needed to participate in regular physical activity.
    • How much physical activity should my child be getting everyday?
      • It is recommended that all school aged children from the ages of 5 -18 participate in 60 minutes of physical activity everyday.
    • What does physical activity include?
      •  Physical activity includes both:
        • Cardiovascular exercise or activities that challenge the heart and lungs such as: brisk walking, jogging, running, dancing, biking, swimming, and sport or activity that is rhythmic in nature.
        • Muscular and Bone strength or activities that challenge the body's muscles such as: climbing, hanging, swinging, jumping, pushing, and pulling.


    PdH PSPE Students Are...

    • Responsible (principled, caring, balanced)
      • Play fair
      • Stay within boundaries
      • Pick up equipment
    • Respectful (reflective, communicators)
      • Positive attitude and language
      • Involve others in your games
      • Keep hands and feet to yourself
    • Problem-solving (open-minded, knowledgeable, inquirers, thinkers, risk-takers)
      • Be positive when solving disagreements
      • Try new things
      • Be open to other people’s suggestions
    • Those students who struggle to follow the above listed expectation will be given opportunities to correct themselves in the following manner:
      • Reminded of the expectations.
      • Will be asked to Refocus their behavior.
      • Will be given the opportunity to Rethink their behavior verbally with the teacher.
      • And finally a call will be given to parents if persistent infractions occur.