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Brad Esker

Brad Esker

Physical Education


A Little bit about me:

A graduate of NAU, I've taught Physical Education for 32 years. My goal is to provide students with a variety of opportunities to improve skills, fitness, motor and social development and to have fun.  My hope is that students will develop a love for physical activity that they can continue to participate in for life.


Greetings to all Cromer Parents and Students,

I will be using the Staff page to communicate information to you and your child/children as it relates to Physical Education.  My goal is not to produce videos or specific information on what you or your child can be doing to improve their physical fitness or skills, but instead, give suggestions or point you in the right direction to resources that could be helpful.  I believe that the best advice I can give is for our students  to participate in activities they enjoy,  in an environment that is deemed healthy, according the guidelines that are recommended. I will post general information on this page and more specific information on my assignments page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me by email.

Thank you,

Mr. Esker 



Here is another source for Physical Education at home.  According to information i have read on the subject, there is a fine line between too much exercise and not enough. Twenty minutes per day of moderate exercise should be sufficient.  This does not include moments of standing up and stretching or walking around the house to take a break from schoolwork.  We all need a break from the news and information that  is constantly on our minds.  We live in a beautiful place.  Make it a point to physically make that contact with nature daily. Of course, heed the government guidelines that have been presented.




Let's take a break and learn a skill that not only impresses your friends, but is a great hand-eye coordination activity.  BEGIN WITH GROCERY STORE BAGS IF YOU HAVE THEM.  ONCE YOU PERFECT THE SKILL, JUST ABOUT ANY OBJECT IMAGINABLE WILL WORK.  Enjoy, have fun and don't forget to email me if you'd like. THIS WILL BE POSTED ON MY ASSIGNMENTS PAGE.

Mr. Esker