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    Mrs. Landrith's  P.E. Class News

    Name: Maureen Landrith
    Title: Physical Education Specialist/Reading Interventionist
    Email Address: mlandrith@fusd1.org
    Phone number: 928-527-6264


    Killip P.E. News


     WHAT:Killip Physical Education Classes are Co-Curricular classes that extend learning of the whole child. Physical Education classes will include an Instant Activity, Skill focus and Reinforcement Activity. Children will learn skills for life and lifelong fitness activities.


     WHEN:K-5 has P.E. for 30 minutes, one time per week


    What to Expect

    It is important that your student come prepared for P.E. class with appropriate and safe shoes, clothing and hair.  Hair should be secured in a manner that is safe, so vision is un-obstructed. Shoes that are not acceptable and are unsafe for P.E.: HEELY’S, flip flops, sandals, plastic “crocs”,untied skate style sneakers and platform sneakers.  


    Daily P.E Points: 10 points possible each P.E.

            *Prepared for learning (shoes, clothing, hair)-2 pts

            **Levels of Responsibility- 4pts possible

            *P.E. Standards Achievement- 1-4 pts possible

    Classroom rules**:

    1.      Two Whistles = Stop, Look, and Listen

    2.     Play Fair, Play Safe

    3.     Body Control

    4.     Do your Best


    1.      Strike One = Verbal Warning

    2.     Strike Two = Time Out

    3.     Strike Three = Student Calls Home


    I’m excited to teach your child/en and I have high expectations for all.


    Always know that if you have any questions or concerns about P.E. or your student, just come and chat with me J

    Maureen Landrith  527-6264



    **K-2 Classroom rules 4pts possible












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