•  Hey There Killip Families!
    Welcome to our fabulous learning family! I'm Mrs. Landrith the Physical Education teacher. I am a certified Physical Education specialist with 28 years of experience at the elementary level.

    *Killip Physical Education Classes are Co-Curricular classes that extend learning of the whole child. Physical Education classes will include an Instant Activity, Skill focus and Reinforcement Activity. Children will learn skills for life and lifelong fitness activities.

     *K-5 has P.E. for 30 minutes, one time per week

    To View more information about Killip P.E. refer to my Canvas page (https://fusd1.instructure.com/login)
    Take care of each other and yourselves
    Mrs. Landrith
    Mrs. Landrith   

    Mrs. Landrith's  P.E. Class News

    Name: Maureen Landrith
    Title: Physical Education Specialist/Reading Interventionist
    Phone number: 928-527-6264

















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