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Ms. Erin Hiebert

My name is Ms. Hiebert (pronounced HEE-BURT)  and this is my first year teaching at Flagstaff High School! 

My pronouns are she/her/hers and they/them/theirs. That means that you can use either set of pronouns when talking about me! For example, when talking about me, you can say "Her name is Ms. Hiebert!" or you can say "Their name is Ms. Hiebert!" My pronouns are she/they because that's what makes me feel comfortable and happy. Still confused about pronouns? Watch this video (Links to an external site.) to help you learn more. 

Here are some quick fun facts about me:

1. I have lived in Flagstaff for six years and I graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Secondary Education of History and Social Studies. Here are cute pictures of me with some awesome friends I've made in Flagstaff (I am the one with long brown hair and glasses - can you find me?)!

raynebrisaraherin.jpg friendsonahike.jpgaea student chapter.jpg 

2. I am from a small-ish city called Yuma, Arizona! Most people know that Yuma is really hot and that it's in Southern Arizona, but most people don't know that it's THEE winter lettuce capital of the world AND the sunniest place on Earth. Really, it's true, Google it!

mapofyuma-1.gif If you didn't know, here's where Yuma is on a map! It's like five hours away from Flagstaff, and my mom still lives there.

3. My family is very loud, outgoing, and chaotic! We are kind of extra but I wouldn't have it any other way. I have two older sisters, Danielle and Alyssa, and one younger brother, Matthew, who passed about two years ago. Here are some pictures of me and my family. Can you guess which one is me when I was younger?

117989849_869851876878304_9054329241028802563_n.jpg 117783778_1308357869512047_6023501449770755804_n.jpg kidsandcousins2.png 117866791_827441231123055_8688132440029566921_n-1.jpg laughingwitheva-1.jpg alydanielleerin-2.jpg

4. I grew up in a two-bedroom trailer with my dad, siblings, grandpa, and a lot of animals! My dad was a beekeeper, so we had to live in the middle of nowhere near crops that needed to be pollinated. We were pretty poor and I lived very far from my school, but some of my happiest memories as a teenager took place at this tiny trailer! I couldn't find a picture of my childhood trailer, but I was able to look it up on Google Maps and take a screenshot - boom, technology! 


5. I hold very strong beliefs about the role that I serve in my community. I am not someone who has many hobbies beyond watching my favorite TV shows and hiking with friends when I can. This is because I choose to spend as much time as I can remaining politically and socially engaged with my community. Specifically, this means that I spend a lot of my free time engaging in activism with and for my community! I enjoy attending Flagstaff City Council and FUSD School Board meetings, listening to podcasts about politics and global news, organizing around issues of social justice, and gaining more knowledge through books and films about how I can help create a happy and healthy world for everyone!

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FUSD Webpage: (Links to an external site.)

Additional Contact Information: If you require immediate contact, you can email me and I will respond within the hours of 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM.