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Ms. Delaney Cook, she/her/hers

 A little about me...

My name is Delaney Cook and I am a product of many wonderful years spent in Flagstaff Unified School District as a student. It is my honor to teach in the district that has set the tone for my educational endeavors and nurtured me growing up. I was a student at Knoles Elementary and Sinagua before attending high school at Northland Preparatory Academy. I then attended Northern Arizona University and earned my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education (K-8) in May 2020. I am ready to enter the field in this difficult, and in many ways, unchartered time in educational history. I know that my efforts to serve the community will be rooted in giving back. 

I classify my personal love of learning and my desire to be a lifelong learner as a strength because it fuels my educational philosophy. My educational philosophy is based on a love of play, a belief in human curiosity, and a desire to make learning intrinsic. It was my time in the Flagstaff Unified School District where I first learned some of the inexplicit curriculum of the classroom such as; comradery, compassion, and play. It is my deeply held conviction that we are all capable of finding joy in learning when learning feels intrinsic. I believe that if I am able to exercise this belief and cultivate a love of learning in the lives of my students, then, and only then, can I inspire them to become lifelong learners. I will learn alongside my students and consistently work to richen my pedagogy. Learning, at its best, ought to be a playful and enjoyable practice in discovery. My wish is to help my students find that joy.


email: dcook@FUSD1.ORG

cell: (928) 853-8298