• K-12 Tutoring


      We offer free K-12 tutoring services at The Family Resource Center. Tutoring is provided by certified teachers. Reading and Math support is provided for grades K-5 and most subjects are offered for grades 6-12. To register, please visit https://fusd1.ce.eleyo.com/courses/category/67/frc-tutoring. If you have any questions or can't find your course, please call 928-774-1103.

      Other tutoring options are available in the District and throughout Flagstaff that you may want to pursue.

      • Check with your child's teacher(s) at his or her school to find out what assistance is available before/during/after school. This may include time for them to meet with their teacher for extra help or tutoring programs they have in place at the school site.
      • If your elementary school has a FACTS program, homework help is available during FACTS at Title I schools for no cost. Students may only participate in homework help and not regular FACTS activities unless they are paying for FACTS services.
      • The middle and high schools may offer on-site tutoring. Check with your school's counseling office for more information.
      • Online resources may help you to help your child with their homework.  *The FUSD Family Resource Center does not endorse any tutoring resource over another. Families are responsible for checking references and all arrangements. We have gathered this information in response to requests from families.