• Welcome to 4th Grade!
    Mr. McAllister

    Hi 4th grade!

    Some of you know me as the former Music Teacher.  That was a fun job, thanks for being there.  Before that I was the Technology teacher, boy we had a good time there too (good test scores as well).  My specialty until then was actually FIRST GRADE:  and some of your older brothers and sisters (and, gulp, parents?) were in my class too.  I have also taught middle school, high school and college classes.

    I'm from Flagstaff too and live with my wife Paula, my son MonteZ, and a cat.  My mom lives down the road from me too.  If you want to know anything about your town here, just ask.  But mainly we are going to work on being the best 4th grade in Flagstaff and I am glad to be a part of it.  Look for more info while we attend class together and get to know each other. 



    928 773 4044 X 2731