• Welcome to Mr. Kunkel's 7th & 8th grade social studies class

    Name: Benjamin Kunkel
    Title: 7th grade world geography / US history, 8th grade civics, economics and US history
    Email Address: bkunkel@fusd1.org
    Phone number: 928-773-8250
    Go Pack!

    Greetings FUSD parents, students and visitors and welcome to my web page. I am currently in my 16th year with FUSD, and my 25th year overall as a teacher. Before moving to Flagstaff to pursue my masters degree in secondary education at NAU, I had previously taught at Monument Valley High School in Kayenta on the Navajo Reservation and have taught middle school, high school and adult education overseas for seven years in Botswana, Africa, The People's Republic of China and South Korea.
    Courses Taught; 8th grade social studies: Semester #1: American Revolution, creation of our government, civics, economics. Semester #2: WW2, Cold War, Korean War, Vietnam War, civil rights, Desert Storm, current events.
    Courses Taught: 7th grade social studies:Semester #1: Human / physical geography of Arizona, the United States, North America and the world. Semester #2: United States history: The American Civil War, American Expansionism , Age of Imperialism, the United States and WW1, Prohibition, "Roaring 20's", the Great Depression / Dust Bowl era.


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