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     Student Links:

     Period 1-Foods 8 Zoom Link:      https://fusd1-org.zoom.us/j/97388575360

     Period 2-Exploratory Foods, Zoom Link:   https://fusd1-org.zoom.us/j/98110437753

     Period 5/6 Foods 8, Zoom Link: https://fusd1-org.zoom.us/j/96247149962



    Name:   Judy Anderson                   
    Title:     Instructor
    Email Address: janderson@fusd1.org 
    Phone number: 928-527-5500 x 6895


    Culinary Arts - Exploratory Foods (7), Foods II (8) classes at Sinagua Middle School are exploratory courses designed to give students the opportunity to develop and practice skills in food preparation and nutrition. Knowledge and skills learned prepare students for preparing family meals as well as for further course work in Culinary Arts at the high school level. Topics covered are food and kitchen safety, measuring, reading recipes, menu planning, nutrition, table setting, and etiquette.  


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