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    Name: Judith K. Arnold

    Title: 5th Grade Fireballs teacher

    Email Address: jarnold@fusd1.org     

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     This will be my twelfth year teaching for FUSD and my ninth year of teaching at Marshall Elementary School. I am pleased to be a part of Marshall’s excellent team of teachers. I previously taught middle school math, English and science while teaching in the gifted program at Flagstaff Middle School, then moved to Mount Elden Middle School to teach science. Prior to that I worked at the high school level in the English Language Learner department.

    This will be an interesting year as we begin the school year online and likely shift to be together in the classroom later on in the school year. There are so many ways we can work together online, doing group work and enjoying partnering with each other on new projects. It will be especially nice to see each of you every day as we have our daily online class meetings. I feel such positive excitement as this school year begins, knowing that we will make good friends, have fun and learn incredibly much. Then, hopefully, we will begin to see each other in person in the classroom later this school year where, even with masks on and following social distancing rules, we will be able to see each other’s happily smiling eyes.

    I am pleased to have you and your family join our team of supportive learners. As a team, we can achieve even beyond our own individual dreams. We will support each other, student to student, teacher to parent, parent to teacher, and parent to student. I am good at keeping parents in the know, and I hope you will use the parent portal of the Canvas program and also Parent View to see what’s up, how your student is doing and reach out to me at any time you feel the need for support. There will be regular hours for communication, so even if you don’t get an answer immediately, you’ll know one will be coming soon.

    I always have something up my sleeve that I want to try out, and often those turn out to be award winning ideas. Last year our class worked on a curriculum unit I created for NAU’s Dine Institute about water on the Navajo Nation. We learned so much, and at the end won a SEDI grant for the excellent job the students did. The year before last, we won an Altice grant for Black American studies. Before that, we won another SEDI grant for our Monarch Butterfly Project and our story was published in a national magazine! This leads us to this year. I have spent the summer with the NAU Dine Institute studying Navajo peacemaking. We plan to install this method of “talking it out” as a basic tool to bring unity and peace to our classroom. I think the students will wonder why we didn’t use this method before.

    This is a historic event year. When it is all over and we look back, it will be something we talk about for the rest of our lives. “We lived through the COVID- 19 pandemic years when Black Lives Matter demonstrations went on all throughout the United States.” This school year will be as important in history as when Neil Armstrong took the first step on the moon or when the Civil War ended slavery in the South. I hope when you tell these stories in the future, and you tell about going to school online, that you remember how you took the challenge, mastered it and grew in ways you never expected…and had fun doing it!

    Navajo Nation Water Project  

                                                Navajo Nation water project


      Monarch caterpillar and chrysalis     Monarch Project        tagged butterfly

                                                                                                                                    The award-winning Monarch Project

    And so much more to come!