• Welcome to L. Irby

    Name: Lee Irby
    Title: Rodel Exemplary Social Studies Teacher
     Pre AP TEAM 6-1/7-1/8-1

    Email Address: lirby@fusd1.org
    Phone number: 928-773-8250

    Welcome to my webpage!  I teach on the pre-AP team at MEMS along with Mr. Hathaway, Ms. Petersen, Ms. Criley, and Ms.Leavy. We all specialize in one content area and teach those areas to most students in our academy.  My specialty is social studies. Ms. Petersen & Ms. Leavy are math, Mr. Hathaway specializes in science, and Ms. Criley language arts. 

    My syllabus and assignments are listed in CANVAS.

    The purpose of this website it to support communication with our team and parents.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.