• During the Covid 19 school shutdown, the health of students is my main concern. Students physical and mental health are most important. Never let an assignment push students to where they are stessed out. Take opportunities to exercise and take breaks. Are curriculum is a voluntary during this time period for several reasons. Students may not have access to internet. Students may be forced to take care of siblings while their parent is working. Families may be dealing with illness. 

    The district is providing all learning opportunities through Zoom and Canvas apps located on student Ipads. We will hold class daily for 90 minutes. Some of the time will be spent in whole group on Zoom, some of the time will be in small groups on Zoom, and some time will involve independent working or breaks. Please contact me with questions, whether they are general or math specific. My email is rcollis@fusd1.org. Students can also contact me through Canvas.