• (2/20/19) Due to weather concerns and the number of schools that have cancelled for this weekend, Solo & Ensemble as well as Region Auditions have been rescheduled for next Saturday, March 2nd. Yes, both events are rescheduled for next weekend.  All times and location are the same.  Use the same itinerary.  Cross our February 23rd and write March 2nd.





    ATTENTION:  Symphonic Band Members and Advanced Orchestra Members

    (12/3/18 )The Large Group Festival for the Symphonic Band has been moved from March 7th to March 6th. The Advanced Orchestra Large Group Festival has been moved from March 7th to March 26th.                                             



                                                            August 12, 2018



    Parents and Students:                                                                                  



    Welcome back to another school year.  We are excited to be back and hope our time with your children will be fun and rewarding. Below is a list of concert dates, festivals, regional auditions, and solo & ensemble.  Please note that the first time the 6th Grade Band and Orchestra will perform will be on the December concert.  The list below consists of all the performance dates for Bands, Orchestras, and Choir.  Please be careful to note the dates that apply to your child.



    December 13th                                 Home Concert: All Bands

    December 18th                                 Home Concert: Orchestras and Choirs

    February 19th                                   Recital Night

    February 23rd                                   Solo & Ensemble and Region Auditions (Prescott)

    March 4th                                        Home Concert:  All Bands

    March 5th                                        Home Concert:  Orchestras and Choirs

    March 6th                                        Band Festival (Phoenix) (Symphonic Band only)

    March 26th                                        Orchestra Festival (Phoenix) (Advanced Orchestra only)

    March 30th                                      Choral Festival (Phoenix) (Advanced Choir only)

    May 3rd & 4th                                   Northwest Arizona Honor Festival (Location: Page)

    May 6th                                           Home Concert: All Bands

    May 7th                                           Home Concert: Beginning Choir and Orchestras

    May 14th                                         Combined Concert with CHS: Advanced Choir Only

    May 23rd                                         SMS Awards Assembly: Advanced Orchestra Only

    May 24th                                         SMS 8th Grade Promotion: Advanced Choir only




    All concerts will begin at 6:30 pm, report time 6:00 pm in the Sinagua Middle School band/orchestra/choir rooms.  Please see handbook for concert dress. 


    If the concert is cancelled due to weather, a potential make-up date will be determined by the teachers and administration.


    For those renting a school owned instrument (this would include all percussionists as a use fee) the cost is $80.00 for the year.  When you receive the rental form, please read the form, sign it, and return the form along with a check (payable to Sinagua Music Department), or cash to us at the school. 


    In addition to the rental fee, percussionists are responsible for the following items: stick bag, concert snare sticks, hard rubber bell mallets (no metal), medium hard (yellow yarn) xylophone mallets, timpani mallets (med. hard), triangle beater, and a pitch pipe.  Arizona Music Pro has most of the items packaged as a set.  The rest is sold separately.  Please call us at 527-5500 if you have any questions.


    Lastly, please fill out the emergency consent form and return it to us.  It is important that we have these forms returned ASAP.


    We look forward to meeting everyone, and are sure this will be a very productive year.












    Mr. Randy Colvard                                                           Ms. Carrie Colvard

    Sinagua Middle School Band & Choir                             Sinagua Middle School Band and Orchestra