• Welcome to Rainbow's Room

    Name: Sara Rainbow Stahl, M.A. English, Literature
    Title: 8th Language Arts: Honors & Regular
    Email Address: sstahl@fusd1.org
    Phone number: (928) 527-5500 office


    Hello there fellow Humans! 

    I have created a new Google Classroom for the duration of time we remain out of school. The class is named English 8 Online Learning Opportunity, and the code is ou4bwxz. Ms. Zimmer and I are following the same curriculum for consistency and quality. Stay safe and wash those hands. I hope we see each other soon!

    Ms. Stahl

    “Education is what remains after one has forgotten

    everything(s)he learned in school.” ~ Albert Einstein



                 Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s) & Students,

     Wakan Tanka

         I believe that it is important for parents, students, and teachers to work together to ensure the best education possible for each student.  I encourage you to visit our classroom and contact me whenever you have a comment, question, or concern.                             - Sara R. Stahl



    Donations for the Classroom   For families who wish to donate materials for classroom use, I am always in need of: glue sticks, glue sticks, and more glue sticks, rulers, scissors, colored pencils, markers, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, and Clorox wipes!  Thank you ahead of time for your kindness.