• Welcome to Ms. Villegas's Website

    Name: Veronica Villegas
    Title: Social Studies Teacher
    Email Address: vvillegas@fusd1.org 
    Phone number: 928-527-5500
    Hello, Students! I hope you are all safe and doing well. You were probably contacted by your Pathway teacher already, but I’m reaching out to check in and say hello as well as give you some information about the coming weeks.

    Teachers will be posting work (or directions) on their SMS staff pages and we’ve found that it’s easiest to check in with these teachers as if you were following a typical school day schedule…Period 1, Period 2, etc. Teachers will likely be offering “office hours” to allow you to connect directly with them if content specific questions arise. I will be posting assignments on my web page and in Google Classroom. My office hours are 8-4 Monday - Friday. I will be available during that time to answer any questions you my have via email or Google.
    Here are the Google Classroom Codes:
    Period 1: zj3reoj
    Period 2: krst426 
    Period 3: fmyl7jg
    Period 4 Pathway: mm6siez 
    Period 5/6: nd36yjn 
    Period 8: vb5ly4e 
    Period 9: rivbx3u 

    If internet is unavailable to you, please let me or the school know and we will problem solve together. We've learned that students must be online initially to access anything in Google Drive (document, presentation, etc) but they can then select the option to work offline (three dots, top right) and switch the slider to Available Offline. After doing this, the student can open Google Docs and have Offline access (check the three lines by the Search menu). Students can then edit and save these files. This is also true for Canvas.

    I hope you’re doing well and want to let you know that we’re here to answer any questions you may have. You can direct questions to me via email at vvillegas@fusd1.org or to the main office at (928) 527 – 5500. Please don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re here to learn and work through this unprecedented situation together. Take care!
    na pali rainbow
    'Ma ka hana ka 'ike'—In the work is the knowledge

    Welcome to 7th grade Social Studies at Sinagua Middle School! My name is Ms. Villegas. This will be my 17th year teaching, my 10th at SMS. I have very high expectations of all of my students and I am very excited to be working with you!  

    There are a few very important items that I would like to bring to your attention as we begin the year. First, students are required to bring the following items to class daily: 

    1. An agenda/planner
    2. A composition book or spiral notebook (for Social Studies ONLY)
    3. A double pocket folder or binder (for Social Studies ONLY)
    4. A pencil
    5. A highlighter
    6. Lined paper
    7. Completed homework
    8. Social Studies textbook
    9. Lanyard & ID

    Students are expected to focus on their learning and complete all assignments to the best of their abilities throughout the year. We have a saying we’ll be using in our class: 'Ma ka hana ka 'ike' - In the work is the knowledge. Students will learn and retain the information by working hard and completing all in-class work as well as homework. In addition, students will take a Common Assessment Pre-test at the beginning of the year and a Post-test at the end of the year, which will be their Final Exam. The Common Assessment Final will cover the important concepts and objectives students will learn throughout the year. Parents, please check your student’s agenda daily and sign the agenda each Friday. In addition, I will post daily assignments and important links on this webpage. I look forward to an awesome year and have no doubt that all of my students will be successful! 

    Thank you!


    Weekly Assignments:

    (*Updated Wednesday March 25, 2020)


    Monday Mar. 23

    7th Grade SS & Honors SS - None; Homework - None

    Tuesday Mar. 24

    7th Grade SS & Honors SS - None; Homework - None

    Wednesday Mar. 25

    7th Grade SS & Honors SS - Cold War; Homework - Cold War Review OR Read Ch. 27 Section 1 & Complete the section review or Cornell Notes and a T3C summary.



    Thursday Mar. 26

    7th Grade SS & Honors SS - Cold War; Homework - Cold War Flash Cards OR Read Ch. 27 Section 2 & Complete the section review or Cornell Notes and a T3C summary.

    Friday Mar. 27

    7th Grade SS & Honors SS - Cold War; Homework - Cold War KAHOOT or OR Read Ch. 27 Section 3 & 4 & Complete the section review or Cornell Notes and a T3C summary.
    PIN: 0339736 

     Click on the link below for additional information or documents:

    7th Grade SS Syllabus 

    7th Grade Honors SS Syllabus

    Industrial Revolution Newspaper