• Paul J. Pavlich  M. Ed.

    Spanish Instructor
    Coconino High School
    Contact Information

    e-mail ppavlich@fusd1.org

    Phone – Work - (928) 773-8200
     About the teacher:

    ·         In education  30 years

    ·         Taught at all three high schools in Flagstaff

    ·         Instructor full and part time at Coconino Community College

    ·         Instructor part time at NAU

    ·         Served as Athletic Director

    ·         Traveled extensively in Mexico, Spain, and Europe

    ·         Xavier College Preparatory School in Phoenix

    ·         Orme School

    ·         Coached 11 years and 6 different sports

    ·         To provide an environment where students can learn and use Spanish while in a comfortable and supportive setting. To provide a challenging curriculum that meets the needs of all students and ability levels.

    ·         Prepare students to successfully move on to higher levels of language learning

    ·         To give students a wide view of the language including daily use, history and importance of Spanish in the U.S. today

    ·         To have fun and become even more interested in Spanish for their future

    ·         Students will be willing to speak the language to others  including native speakers

          Students need:

    ·         Dictionary/or online access to dictionary

    ·         Good attitude

    ·         Willingness to speak

    ·         Self direction

    ·         Ability to work with others

          Textbooks:    Spanish 2:       "Asi Se Dice -2"
                         Spanish  4AP   "Asi Se Dice-4", "Abriendo Paso Lectura", "Abriendo Paso Gramatica", and "Repase y Escriba".

    Remember, attendance is very important. Students must daily meet three basic class rules: show up, bring their stuff (be prepared), and do the work, in order to be successful.
          Topics of Study:

    ·         Hispanic literature and culture(introductory level)

    ·         History of language, settlement of southwestern U.S.

    ·         Grammar

    ·         Grogoraphy

    ·         Products and resources of Spanish-speaking countries.


          Thank you for supporting our great school and fine Spanish program