• Welcome to Photography

    Name: Tom Viskocil (Mr V)
    Title: Photography and Yearbook Teacher
    Email Address: tviskocil@fusd1.org
    Phone number: 928-773-8295

    After 8 years at SHS, I have returned to my roots here at Coconino High School, where I did my student teaching in the Fall of 2000. I am Tom Viskocil and after 2 years of teaching English at CHS, I have the pleasure of teaching my passion; Photography. As an avid sports photographer, I will be teaching students the basic rules of photography using digital point and shoot cameras, advanced photography uses DSLR's and learn how to incorporate their photos into projects like programs, brochures, and posters, while yearbook students produce the schools yearbook and photo 3 take the pictures.
    All photography assignments during the school closure will be posted to Google Classroom for right now. This may change and I will keep you posted. Below are the class codes for each class assignments that I will put in Google classroom. More info to follow as we navigate this new kind of teaching.

    2019 - 2020 Class Schedule
    1st Per - PREP
    2nd Per - Digital Photo 1 - code 3sf7bdd
    3rd Per - Yearbook; Digital Photo 3 - code claolzx
    4th Per - Digital Photo 2 - code claolzk
    5th Per - Lunch
    6th Per - Digital Photo 1 - code 3sf7bdd
    7th Per - Freshmen Rotation Class
    April 6-10
    Photo 1 - 4cfvhev
    photo 2-3 -