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    Necessary Geometry Supplies

    • ****SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR:   Examples of what to buy/not buy are on my webpage, however I really like:  TI-30X IIS.  They are around $12 but very, very important for your child to do well in Geometry and future math classes.
    • 50  3 x 5 notecards
    • 1 dry erase marker
    • 5” or more binder to hold all of our handouts and assignments
    • Paper/Notebook
    • Pencils, 2 different colored pens, highlighters
    • Kleenex or hand sanitizer to keep all 150+ of us healthy this school year!!

    *Optional: Compass and protractor.  Have them ask older siblings and friends if they have those your child can borrow.  Otherwise, I have some that the kids can use.


    Awesome Calculators!!!  

    TI-30X IIS    TI-30 XS Multiview   TI-30X IIS   



    Stay away from these Calculators!!  

    TI-30X A    Image result for calculators





    Period 1:  Geometry
    Period 2:  Geometry
    Period 3:  Geometry


    Period 5:  Geometry
    Period 6:   Geometry
    Period 7:   PREP

    Amanda Allen

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