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    Clinton Anderson


    Department:  English

    e-mail:  canderson1@fusd1.org

    phone:  928.773.8100

    Welcome! I am looking forward to having you in my class this semester, and, parents/guardians, I look forward to communicating with you as often as possible.

    To begin with, you need to be prepared to read, write, think, and communicate everyday.During the course of this year we will read a variety of essays and novels, non-fiction selections and at least one play. We will focus extensively on expanding your vocabulary and writing skills. I consider this a language class, and we will study how to use language to communicate effectively. My goal is to have you leave my class in May an exceptional reader and writer. Your success in this language class is extremely important to me, and I hope that it is important to you, too.

    I strongly encourage parents/guardians to be involved in their child's education. I invite you to call or email me at any time. If you email me, please use your student's name as the title of the email.