Elementary Preparatory Academy

  • The FUSD Elementary Preparatory Academy is a school within a school.  Students in the program will have access to all local campus programs and benefits just as any other student. The students will integrate with the rest of the school for lunch, recess, school activities, and specials. The learning will be fast-paced and advance through grade level standards at a deeper, more rigorous level. Students who enter the Elementary Preparatory Academy are expected to be achieving above grade level in their Language Arts abilities and at grade level or above in their Mathematics abilities.  Students will be pushed to reach new levels of learning across the curricula with access to different curriculums and placement with similarly identified peers. 

    Parents/Guardians are expected to be strong partners in the educational success of their children. Continued academic and behavioral success will be required to remain in the program. Teachers will work closely with parents to ensure that students are making good academic progress and demonstrating appropriate classroom behavior.

    Out of District Applications

    The Flagstaff Unified School District is now accepting out of district applications for the Cromer, DeMiguel, Knoles, and Puente de Hozho Elementary Preparatory Academy for the 2021-2022 school year.  Please click here for the Elementary Preparatory Academy application.

    Curent FUSD Students

    Current FUSD students do not have to apply for the Elementary Preparatory Academy.  Students attending their home schools of Cromer, DeMiguel, Knoles, and Puente de Hozho will be considered for placement into the Elementary Preparatory Academy based on an internal data review process.  If you are currently attending an FUSD school and would like to nominate your student for data review, please click here.   

    Is my student a good fit for the Elementary Preparatory Academy?  Please click here for more information.  

    Continuance in the Elementary Preparatory Academy    

    Elementary Preparatory Academy Placements