• Hello and welcome to the
    Career and Technical Education 
    Exploratory Engineering class!

    The CTE Exploratory program class is rotated every 4 weeks. Each rotation students will have the opportunity to experience rotating to a new subject in CTE where they get to experience various CTE classes we offer at CHS. This helps students’ select future CTE courses they may interested in, they get to explore and experience various career fields they may or may not know anything about.

     During their 4 weeks in engineering class we will be working with a hands on project that is supported by academic skills (physics).

    The title of this project is "The Concept Car Project" (A.K.A. The foam car project).

    The idea of this project is that the major automotive industries have contacted me because they have heard about my amazing students and their active imaginations. New ideas are what keep the manufacturers moving forward. In the last few years they have been struggling with creating new designs and have tried to reinvent older classic cars. Now they need new fresh ideas.

    I have had hundreds if not over a thousand cars made in my classroom and every rotation class they get better and better.  The cars students create are not for me, they are creating these cars for themselves. I urge them to give themselves their best effort toward their project because it is by them, for them. Not everyone is going to make the stereo typical beautiful car and some will. Some cars will have great performance and some will not.

    It is not if their car comes out beautiful or not, or if it performs well. It is the effort they put forth,  the experience of creating something from their own mind, using tools new to them, and using the physics equations to collect data. It comes down to what they learn between the start and the finish of the project.


    In this project students will:

    Learn basic technics of design, planning, and research.

    Have the opportunity to learn to operate a band saw, scroll saw, and hot wire foam cutter to cut out their cars

    Then learn patience sanding and shaping and paying attention to detail though thorough analysis

    Experience new painting techniques to acquire a smooth paint finish

    Use a drill press to drill axle holes and install their wheels

    Will place their cars on a track and manual collect and then calculate the data to determine the vehicles overall speed. (this is the physics part)

    Use learn skills to conserve supplies consumables

    After the project is complete the students will not only have a project car that they have completed they will also have the data on the performance of their car!