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AzMerit to ACT for two high schools

Flagstaff Unified School District has chosen to suspend the use of the AzMerit and AIMS Science Test and utilize the ACT test for 11th grade student assessment at Coconino High School and Flagstaff High School.  The ACT assesses student performance in the areas of English, Reading, Mathematics, and Science while also serving as a college entrance examination.  

District and site administration have met with teachers and school counselors to come to the determiniation that the ACT is far more meaningful for students as the assessment is accepted for all college and university applications.  Additionally, the ACT exam will benefit school teams with comprehensive data on student performance as curricular decisions are made.

In addition to choosing the ACT test as the state required assessment for 11th grade students, both Coconino and Flagstaff High Schools will administer the ACT Aspire test to 9th grade students and the Pre-ACT to 10th grade students - providing valuable data for students, families, and schools.