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DAC Educator of the Year

Pamela Cain has inspired the students and staff for over 14 years in Flagstaff Unified School District - earning the recognition as the Educator of the Year from the Flagstaff Disability Awareness Commission.  During her time both at Christensen and Thomas, Pam Cain has worked with small groups of special education elementary students.  As a paraprofessional, she has interacted with children with a wide variety of abilities and interests and challenging behavioral concerns.  She puts thoughtful effort into reading, writing, and math lessons, and she is always prepared.  Pam works long hours and often goes the extra mile.   She helps the students feel confident and offers calm and patient support for each of them, even in the most trying situations.  Students relate very well to her and trust her.  The respect she shows towards them is reflected in the respect they show toward her.

Addiitionally, Pam has played a key role in helping other paraprofessionals organization and has even gone as far to facilitate some school-based workshops and assisting fellow paraprofessionals in professional development classes.  Pam, herself, has taken many such classes and has a keen understanding and foundation in literacy and social development of students with special needs.  

Pam Cain is an exceptional educator and epitomizes the recognition as Educator of the Year.  Congratulations!