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FUSD Foundation Awards Grants

The Flagstaff Unified School District Foundation (FUSDF) recently surprised the recipients of the 2019 Teacher Innovation Fund grants that support teacher- designed programs aimed to improve student outcomes by unleashing the creativity, ingenuity, and expertise of staff across the Flagstaff Unified School District.  Encouraging and supporting excellence in teaching the Foundation provided between $500 to $2,000 to FUSD staff for special and innovative projects that are not provided for in school budgets.


The project applications were reviewed by the FUSDF for creative, innovative, and original projects that motivate students and improve the teaching and learning process and the funded projects included original, bold, and innovative ideas that enrich the standard curriculum through the exploration of new alternatives to traditional methods of learning. Many of the projects incorporated technology in a new way, addressed students’ understanding in a creative way, offered student subjects or experiences beyond those provided in a typical school day, or enhanced the learning through hands-on or experiential learning.


This year’s recipients include:


  • Katie Krause, Marshall Elementary
  • Sarah Milios;  Marshall Elementary
  • Lisa Foss, Hannah Martin, and Christina Wolfe;  Cromer Elementary and Thomas Elementary
  • Jane Gaun; Districtwide Program
  • Amy Dries;  Sinagua Middle School
  • Daniel Murray;  DeMiguel Elementary School
  • Justine Fletcher;  Sechrist Elementary School
  • Sheryl Wells;  Killip Elementary School
  • Chelsea Drey;  Coconino High School
  • Heather Zeigler, Renda Fisk;  Districtwide Program


Photos of the announcement are available here.