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Maykayla Barker Crank named Child of the Year

Thomas Elementary’s Maykayla Barker Crank was recently named the 2019 Arizona Child of the Year by the Arizona Speech Language Hearing Association at their annual convention.  Maykayla earned this distinction after being nominated by Julia Cencioso for being one her of the kindest, compassionate, and diligent students.


“She has a great sense of humor and she loves to play tricks and engage in games while she works hard during the school day,” shares Cencioso.


A strong classmate, Maykayla’s nomination application highlights why she deserved the honor.  Seeing a fellow student struggling with subtraction, Maykayla stepped up.  Showing how she learned to do subtraction and working through the exercise with her classmate.  Beaming with pride in the experience, Maykayla loved being able to help others as she had been helped in her learning experience.