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FOOD SERVICE UPDATE: Menu Changes for Elementary School Due to Snow Days

Elementary lunch and breakfast menu items have been changed for next week in order to reduce food waste due to the snow days. These changes are also reflected in Nutrislice.
Monday, January 23: Chicken nuggets, cheesy breadstick, and cheesy broccoli 
Tuesday, January 24: Chicken parmesan or ham & turkey chef salad
Wednesday, January 25: Meatloaf sandwich or pancake fun lunch
Thursday, January 26: Turkey corndog with fries or buffalo ranch chicken salad
Friday, January 27: Pulled pork sandwich  
Monday, January 23: Waffles with syrup or Lucky Charms and string cheese
Tuesday, January 24: Blueberry muffin or Apple Cinnamon Cheerios and string cheese
Wednesday, January 25: Buttered toast and eggs or Lucky Charms and string cheese
Thursday, January 26: Bagel and cream cheese or Trix and graham cracker
Friday, January 27: Fresh fruit parfait or Cocopuffs and string cheese

Thank you for your understanding.