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FHS Graduate, Mia Perez, Designs FUSD CTE Logo

The Flagstaff Unified School District (FUSD) is very excited to present the official Career and Technical Education (CTE) department logo. The logo was designed by Flagstaff High School (FHS) graphic design student and now graduate, Mia Perez. 


Last Spring, Flagstaff High School upper level graphic design students were provided the opportunity to work with FUSD CTE as their client and design a department  logo. The students eagerly embraced this project and designed a variety of creative logos based on specified design considerations and parameters. 


Out of the dozen submissions the FUSD CTE department received, Mia Perez’s logo was selected and a second “client meeting” was conducted to discuss a couple of refinements. The final result exceeded all expectations. The design not only met all of the requirements conveyed from the client, but the student’s creativity also introduced even more depth to the symbolism of the graphic. This logo reflects FUSD CTE as a holistic educational delivery model with a variety of components and individual opportunities. Both the logo and slogan, “Education That Works, ” embody the goal of the FUSD CTE department of providing a comprehensive, relevant journey of learning that prepares students for any postsecondary path they may choose, as well as success in their lives and careers that follow.


Please join FUSD in celebrating the wonderful logo created by Mia Perez for the CTE department. FUSD is extremely proud of the skills our CTE programs provide students which will serve them well in life even as they move beyond our classrooms, labs, and shops.