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Digital Citizenship Week

October 16, 2023

This week, October 16, 2023, to October 20, 2023, is Digital Citizenship Week. 

What is Digital Citizenship?

According to Applied Educational Systems, Digital Citizenship refers to the responsible use of technology by anyone who uses computers, the Internet, and digital devices to engage with society on any level. As the rate of technological advancement continues to increase, the world as a whole is becoming more dependent on the Internet for day-to-day activities. That makes this a crucial topic to teach today’s students.

Good digital citizenship for students engages them and shows them how to connect with one another, empathize with each other, and create lasting relationships through digital tools. Bad digital citizenship, on the other hand, entails cyberbullying, irresponsible social media usage, and a general lack of knowledge about how to safely use the Internet. Fortunately, almost all of the requirements to be a good digital citizen can be taught in the classroom.


Digital Citizenship Lessons at FUSD

Digital citizenship education in grades K-12 is required for FUSD to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act and receive E-rate funds. In addition, current academic standards include digital citizenship as an essential curriculum component. In order to better prepare our students for life in a digital world and to meet Federal obligations, all FUSD students must receive at least one lesson related to internet safety/digital citizenship during each school year.

FUSD’s Digital Citizenship Lessons can be found here:

Resources for Parents

Common Sense Education – Family Engagement Toolkit -

Here, you can find a family media agreement, sign up for weekly tips on healthy media habits at home, and find conversation starters, tips, and activities that complement the lessons your child will receive in their K-12 lessons. Click the above to visit the Common Sense Education Family Engagement Toolkit.

Additional resources for families can be found on the FUSD website at


Digital citizenship week