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2024 Coconino County Teacher of the Year Nominees

Congratulations to all of the Flagstaff Unified School District 2024 Coconino County Teacher of the Year (TOY) and Rookie Teacher of the Year (RTOY) nominees! Your passion, innovation, and dedication to education are truly inspiring.

Kathryn Lilly, Cromer Elementary (TOY)
April Dent, DeMiguel Elementary School (TOY)
Lauren Kimsey, DeMiguel Elementary (RTOY)
Emily Leahy, Kinsey Inquiry and Discovery (TOY)
Haven Dubel, Knoles Elementary School (TOY)
Kylie Haidet, Knoles Elementary School (RTOY)
Emily Cartwright, Marshall Magnet Elementary School (RTOY)
Jeanette Bojarski, Puente de Hózhó (TOY)
Alyson Bottke, Puente de Hózhó (TOY)
Joe Rauschenbach, Puente de Hózhó (TOY)
Fernanda Robles, Puente de Hózhó (TOY)
Susan Spizzirri, Puente de Hózhó (TOY)
Bryan Taylor, Puente de Hózhó (TOY)
Madison O’Brien, Puente de Hózhó (RTOY)
Zoé Oliveros, Puente de Hózhó (RTOY)
Sydney Wade, Mount Elden Middle School (TOY)
Madison Hall, Mount Elden Middle School (RTOY)
Gaby Garcia, Coconino High School (TOY)
Joel Giannola, Coconino High School (TOY)
Jeremiah Smith, Coconino High School (TOY)
Lang Suby, Coconino High School (TOY)
Cristy Auble, Flagstaff High School (TOY)
Wesley Roche-Baron, Flagstaff High School (TOY)
Betty Smith, Flagstaff Unified School District (TOY)

We thank each of you for your immeasurable contributions to our district, families, and community.

View photos of all of the nominees here: