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Tax Credit Donation Information

February 12, 2024

Are you interested in receiving a tax credit? Arizona tax law, ARS 43-1089.01, allows taxpayers a credit for contributions made or fees paid to a public school for support of extracurricular activities. The credit is a dollar-for-dollar credit equal to the amount contributed or the amount of fees paid. For single taxpayers or heads of household, the credit cannot exceed $200. For married taxpayers who file a joint return, the credit cannot exceed $400. 

For a tax credit to be claimed for the current year, the donation must be processed by April 15 of the following year. Therefore, tax credit donations processed by April 15, 2024, can still be claimed on your 2023 calendar year taxes!

You have a choice. You can send all your tax dollars to the state or have some used directly to improve education in Flagstaff. 

To make a donation to the school and/or program of your choice, please donate online by visiting Tax credit donations are non-refundable.

For additional information, please watch the video below: