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Thomas Elementary School Return to In-Person Family Guide

Before School Begins

  • Verify your child’s health each school day. Keep students home with any non-chronic Covid 19 symptoms. If your child has asthma or allergies, please share a medical note with Nurse Sandy.
  • The parent acknowledgement form was sent to your email on file with FUSD on 3/1/21. If you did not receive it please call the office at 773-4110 so we can assist in getting you another form.
  • If your student displays symptoms while at school, we will be able to give a rapid nasal test to your child if we have permission to do so. Please complete the BinaxNow Consent Form.

Student Drop Off

  • Verify your child’s health each school day. Keep students home with any non-chronic Covid 19 symptoms. If your child has asthma or allergies, please share a medical note with Nurse Sandy.
  • Arrival begins at 8:20 in the north parking lot. Thomas teachers will welcome students and direct them to their area of the playground.
  • The upper gate will be closed and students will not be allowed at Thomas before 8:20 unless they are enrolled in FACTS.
  • Parents may not get out of the car with their children.
  • Students must wear an approved mask throughout the day. Buffs, bandanas, and masks with ventilation are not allowed per FUSD Masking Policy.
  • We will provide an alternate mask for students that require one.
  • Students that arrive after 8:35 must check in through the front lobby.

Morning Routine & Breakfast

  • For the first week of school, classroom teachers will collect all students in the north parking lot until 8:35 and will walk them to their designated area of the playground.
  • After the first week, students will walk to their designated section of the playground, for morning recess.
  • Students will place their backpacks in grade level wagon when they arrive to the playground to protect their iPads
  • Playground sections rotate weekly. For the first week:
  • Kindergarten- Kindergarten playground
    • 1st grade- the little toy
    • 2nd Grade- the big toy
    • 3rd Grade- the front field
    • 4th Grade- the mid field
    • 5th Grade- the back field ‘
  • Students will eat their sack breakfast outside from 8:35- 8:50 with their class and classroom teacher. If there is inclement weather, students will go directly to their classrooms for morning recess and breakfast.

Classroom Expectations

  • Students must bring a fully charged iPad to school each day.
  • Students will be seated in forward facing, distanced desks for their learning.
  • Classroom teachers will be teaching both the in person and remote students at the same time and will be modifying their instructional strategies to best support everyone.
  • Students will need a personal pencil box with school supplies including pencils, pencil sharpener, markers, glue, scissors, and earbuds or headphones. These materials cannot be shared between students and will remain at school.
  • Teachers are sharing seating charts to aid with contact tracing efforts.


  • For morning recess- the students will follow the assigned teacher with color coding and signs.
  • We will follow the playground map and schedule here. The map will be displayed at parent drop off, in the cafeteria, and outside on the playground. Students will stay in their designated area for the week for all recess.
  • Grade levels will have color coded balls and buckets on the field beginning week 3.
  • The field has been marked into 3 sections with a 6 foot zone between each section
  • Social distancing encouraged, masking mandated


  • Students will have masks off when eating, masks on when finished
  • Grade level groups will eat lunch in the cafeteria. Students are forward facing and distanced 3-6 feet.
  • Students will have up to 20 minutes for lunch. They will raise their hand for dismissal when finished, exiting out the ramp and to their area of the playground
  • Kindergarten lunch will be- 12:00 - 12:40
    • 1st grade lunch will be 11:30 - 12:10
    • 2nd grade lunch will be 12:30 -1:10
    • 3rd grade lunch will be 1:00-1:40
    • 4th grade lunch will be 11:00 - 11:40
    • 5th grade lunch will be 10:30 - 11:10
  • Grade level groups of students will eat lunch in the cafeteria.
  • Classroom teachers will walk students through as they pick up their lunches and sit down.
  • Students will enter through the lobby, follow the white arrows, pick up their sack lunches, and then be seated by classroom 2-3 students per table.
  • Tables are marked where students can sit. Green for tray/home lunch, red tape indicates separation
  • Sack lunch is free for all students. We will not have lunch cards or a point of sale this year.
  • We will play music for students during lunch and encourage mindful eating.
  • Students will have up to 20 minutes for lunch. They will raise their hand for dismissal when finished, exiting out the ramp and to their area of the playground.

Hallways and Common Areas

  • Keep to grade level groups to the extent possible
  • Hallway lanes, directional arrows, and signage in place
  • Visual reminders in place for staff and students to encourage 6 feet distancing.
  • Cafeteria is closed for breakfast. There is no longer before school child care available from 8:00- 8:20 for students. We hope to resume this in the fall.

Restrooms & Drinks

  • Reduced number of students in restrooms (3-4 per restroom).
  • Students will use Tap lights that have been installed to show the number of students in the restroom. Students will tap with their elbow as they exit (turning the light on) and tap off when they enter.
  • If all lights are lit, students will wait their turn distanced in the hallway.
  • Whole class bathroom breaks will be scheduled when possible, ensuring social distance is maintained.
  • Handwashing and distancing signs are placed in all restrooms for students.
  • Three water bottle filling stations have been installed. Please send your student with a leakproof water bottle.

Special Area Classes

  • Library and SEL classes will be held in the homeroom classroom.
  • Music, Art and PE will be distanced and held in the specials area classrooms.
  • Students will have individual materials.
  • Shared materials will be sanitized between students.

Intervention Services (RTI, ELL, ESS)

  • Intervention will be structured with grade level bands of students.
  • Students will meet in small grade level groups based on the needs of the students.
  • Teachers are sharing seating charts with admin to aid with contact tracing efforts.


  • Students will be dismissed in staggered grade level bands (K-2 @3:20) and (3-5 @3:25).
    • Walkers will be dismissed from the west exit (Thomas Street) in grade level groups.
    • Vehicle Parent Pick up will be organized in grade level groups in the north parking lot (back of school) and spaced throughout the entire drive starting with kindergarten and ending with 5th grade. If you have children in multiple grade levels you will need to make multiple stops to pick up your students. Please minimize pick ups if you live nearby and your children can walk.
  • Bussers and FACTS will be sorted by grade level groups and bus # on the east playground. They will exit from the east gate.
    • There will be no early dismissal of students after 3:00 to ensure student safety.


  • Please send a healthy snack to school for your student.
  • Snacks will be eaten at a designated time outside, weather permitting.


  • Please send in individual school supplies for your child including pencils, pencil sharpener, crayons, markers, scissors, glue stick and headphones.


  • Students must bring a fully charged iPad to school every day

Field Trips

  • There will be no FUSD Field Trips at this time.

Care (Isolation) Room

  • The care (isolation) room is the upper hallway by the west exit.
  • This room includes a triage station for determining if symptoms are present. If a testing permission slip is on file, Nurse Sandy will conduct a rapid COVID test
    Students will be supervised until a family member arrives.

Placement Changes

  • Parents may request a change in placement between virtual and in-person learning once to or by calling (928) 773-4110.
  • We are sadly not accepting volunteers at this time. We will re-evaluate this policy during week 3.



  • FACTS support for before and after school care is very limited
  • FACTS will be housed in the north portables
  • You can go to to begin the enrollment process
  • You must receive confirmation from FACTS before assuming service



  • Correct masking is communicated and taught the 1st week via FUSD video.
  • Masks may only be removed during breakfast, lunch, and during established classroom snack breaks while students are eating.
  • Masks must be worn at all other times, including during recess and PE.
  • Masks breaks are allowed if students are 6 feet distance outside.
  • Students will be provided a lanyard to hang their mask from during breakfast/lunch while they are eating.
  • No buffs, bandanas or masks with ventilation are allowed.

Social Distancing to Extent Possible

  • Students will stay in grade level bands for arrival, lunch, recess, interventions, and dismissal.
  • Student instruction is confined to the homeroom classroom as much as possible
  • Clear classrooms of extra furniture to maximize learning space
  • Lines in the hallway are 6 feet apart. Lanes created to help with flow of traffic both inside and outside.
  • White arrows, red tape, and green dots available for classroom teachers to use as consistent visual reminders
  • We have added lines on the field and lines/lanes on the sidewalks to aid with distancing.

Hand Hygiene & Respiratory Etiquette

  • Staff and students will watch hand washing and masking videos the first week of school.
  • Wash hands frequently
    • upon arrival at school (use hand sanitizer if there is no sink in the classroom)
    • before and after school provided breakfast
    • prior to leaving school for home
    • after sneezing, coughing, or blowing nose
  • Hand sanitizer provided to all classrooms and in the hallways and at entrances

Cleaning and Disinfection

  • Daily cleaning, deep cleaning, and sanitizing by SSC
    Ionization units have been installed in all classrooms. Ionization Video
  • District Cleaning Protocols

Contact Tracing in Collaboration with Local Health Department

Additional Resources

Please call the front office for assistance at any time (928) 773-4110