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MEMS Letter Grade Notification

Dear Mount Elden Middle School Community:

The Arizona State Board of Education recently released the final letter grades for schools across the state based on AzMERIT test results from the 2018-2019 school year. Based on those rankings, Mount Elden Middle School earned a letter grade of “D.” This notification of the status for this school is being shared with you in order to provide information on next steps and what the school has done and will continue doing to improve student achievement.

This rating is based primarily on the following criteria:

  • • Overall proficiency for students in 6th-8th grade on Math and ELA as assessed by the Spring 2019 AzMERIT; and
  • • Academic growth or improvement for individual students when comparing Spring 2018 to Spring 2019 AzMERIT.

In order to attain a “C” rating, schools must attain an overall percentage ranking of 60.11. The 2019 rankings and the resulting percentage for Mt. Elden Middle School is shown below.


Total Points/ Percentage

Deficit to Attain C Rating

Mount Elden Middle School




Our goal is for all FUSD schools to attain an “A” or “B” ranking.

The improvement process, with guidance from the Arizona Department of Education, and support from district and school administrators involves the following steps:

1) Official notification of the status of the “D” school.

2) Completion of a comprehensive needs assessment to identify two to three specific areas for improvement.

3) Development and implementation of an Action Plan to address the identified areas for improvement.

4) Professional development as needed for school staff to support implementation of the Action Plan.

5) Continuous assessment of progress and revision of the Action Plan as needed.


We invite any community member or parent to join us in this discussion. The school will hold a public meeting to provide more information and achievement data and to answer your questions. The meeting date and time is shown below. Additionally, as a stakeholder, you are invited to join the School Improvement Team that will be reviewing and revising the school’s current Action Plan to address the identified deficits. If you are interested in joining the School Improvement Team, please email the school principal. Thank you for your continued support of our schools.


School/Meeting Location





Mt. Elden Middle School

Tammy Nelson


5:30 pm



Tammy Nelson, Principal

Mount Elden Middle School