Classroom Climate Plan

Classroom expectations in addition to the Administrative Expectations and the Behavior Matrix.

1.Safety and Cleanliness—Be Responsible: Cleaning up after yourself in the art room is an important safety precaution. Pay close attention to any safety information that is presented regarding the use of equipment in the studio. All students may be required to pass a verbal safety test in order to participate in any classroom activities if safety concerns arise. We keep a clean studio— You expected to operate in a cleanly manner and to ensure that your space and studio are clean before you leave for the day.

2.Organization of the classroom—A seating chart may be implemented at any time. Your initial behavior in class will have direct impact on your placement if a seating chart becomes necessary.

3.Positive Climate—Come to class prepared to stay! Make positive imprints- Let’s all try and have best attitude we can muster and have a positive experience in class! We are not here to make trips that you can make on your own time, such as visits to your academic counselor, library, locker, etc. We will learn how to critique art in this class and learn how to effectively communicate our feelings about a work of art with the help of principles of design and elements of art. Be respectful of your classmates’ creations.

4.Sign in and Out Sheet: In order to grow as an artist, you have to put in the time, come prepared to class ready to stay. Understandably there are emergencies when we have to go to the restroom, please try and limit your time to less than 5 minutes. Whenever you leave the class, you must obtain permission from Ms. Woodruff, sign out on the sheet and take a hall pass. Signing out for everything (counselor, nurse, etc.) helps keep a clear record and the sign out sheets will be saved for the entire year.

 5. There is always art to be working on in the classroom, ask Ms. Woodruff if you’re not sure what those projects are or go look at the projects listed on the metal cabinet where glazes are kept.

 6.System of assigning and managing work— There are student storage spaces for each class hour and student. Please use this space for all assignments and Artist Talk Folders. Keep everything until the end of each semester. It is your responsibility to see the instructor for missed work if you were absent.

7.Supplies are precious!—The management of supplies will be monitored by the instructor. If you notice we may be running low on something, please see me immediately. The misuse of supplies will absolutely not be tolerated under any circumstance and minor infraction forms will be filled out in the event that this occurs. Never leave the classroom with any supplies unless you have permission from the instructor. You will be held responsible for the cost of any supplies you remove from class. Move with purpose—Respecting tools and classroom space is required (there are alternative tools you will use if you can’t show that you know how to use them properly).

8.Prepartion for instruction—I will be ready to teach you… please be ready to learn! You will have large amounts of time for independent work in this class, therefore I expect that you will be courteous and attentive during the times I administer demonstrations and lectures.

9.Management of behavior— We are all responsible for ourselves. I will assist you by guiding you if you need help with your behavior. You will be written for minor infractions and may be sent to the RTR for chronic infractions. Please review the major infractions your student handbook and know that in these cases you will be sent directly to the administration. A note about cellphones: Yellow in this class refers to during independent work time, please come to class and ready to hear the announcements and agenda for the day when the bell rings.

10. Maintain Momentum— We need to keep working in order to make it through our curriculum for this year… let’s not waste time! It’s crucial that you use all of your allotted studio time.


CHS Expectations for Responding to Inappropriate Behaviors

  1. Make parent contact- (Tier-1)
  2. Use the minor infraction forms and RTI system- (Tier-1)
  3. Give the student name to Greg Reiff for discussion at the Group Data Team Meeting. (Tier 1&2)
  4. Give the student name to the appropriate counselor- (Tier-2)
  5. Give the student name to Mr. Bonderud in extreme cases- (Tier-3)