A-maze-ing Work in STEM

Posted by Victoria Lewis on 2/8/2022

Since the start of Quarter 3, students in the STEM Exploration Club at Killip have been bringing their curiosity and enthusiasm to the lab table. Last week, they were tasked with creating a maze and/or an obstacle course for a marble- not a hamster as much as some students wished. With little direction and a LOT of glue, they set out on their marble maze mission. The varying designs and ideas did not disappoint. Each student had a separate vision, with some incorporating their surroundings such as the lab tables or counter edges, and others using only the provided materials. Every design was as unique as the next. The sound of ripping cardboard, marbles rolling every which way on the hard floor, and giggles were assurance that they were enjoying the freedom to create and explore, which is truly the heart of STEM. I look forward to seeing their creativity shine this week as we continue our after-school adventures together.

 younger student creating a maze with cups and craft sticks student with marble run created with toilet paper tubes, cardboard, and craft sticks student smiling with completed maze
longer marble maze that stretches across a whole table unique marble maze with horizontal and vertical pieces student getting started and exploring with glue to secure vertical sections of a maze

What to look forward to this week:

Designing and following our own treasure maps, revealing mystery ink

Creating our own sun catchers