4th Quarter assignments and grading policy

     4th Quarter Assignments and Grading Policy

     Hello from the Fernandez family, I hope that all of you are doing well.  The new grading policy is as follows; your current 3rd quarter grades will stand as is, if you choose do nothing from here on out.  If you would like to improve your grade/s for the year than you may do the online assignments (google classroom) that I will offer each week starting Monday the 6th.  The assignments from here on out will be extra-credit that can improve your current grades.  I am still unclear on the amount of extra credit that will be assigned per lesson? When I have decided the amount of extra-credit I will post this on my webpage as well as on google classroom. 

      I will be entering late work and reviewing assignments completed before we left for springbreak over for the rest of the current week 4/1/20-4/3/20. Your grade may change based on late assignments etc.