Hello everyone
So we are really close but some athletes are still not able to tryout and some have just signed up. Here is some info
Tryout info:
1-An athlete’s technical soccer skills, tactical soccer skills, functional attacking soccer skills, functional defending soccer skills, aerobic fitness, and anaerobic fitness capacities are to be evaluated by program coaches using the outlined processes in this document during tryout sessions. 
Evaluations will be recorded on a Personal Evaluation Form completed by coaches. 
Aerobic and Anaerobic Fitness Testing
There will be a total of nine fitness tests: 1200 yd shuttle; (10 - 120 yd shuttles 1 minute to complete each) once you do not make it back to the start line in less than a minute your test ends. 12 minute run; You have 12 minutes to run as far as you can around the track in 12 minutes. 300 yd shuttle. 2 cones 25 yds apart up and back 6 times = 300 yds. 2 trials average the time of both. The rest are agility tests; SEMO, Arrowhead, Compass, T Shuttle, 20 yd shuttle. We will also do a 20/40 yd straight sprint. 
2- tryouts start Monday at 3:00 -5:00pm sharp at Thorpe Softball field # 3 
3- Need a Physical ( see attachment)
4- make sure your athlete has proper soccer attire: cleats, shinguards, and water bottle.
5- Please check you sons status in final forms. We have about 20+ kids that are not cleared.
Let us know if you have any questions.


Thank you,Michael JenkinsFlagstaff High School Athletics