5/1/22 | Jannette Bressler receives Outstanding Master’s Student Honor

Jannette Bressler and associates from Northern Arizona University


May 1, 2022 

Jannette Bressler received the Outstanding Master’s Student Honor by the Arizona Professors of Educational Leadership on April 29 in Phoenix.

Bressler said she didn’t even know she was nominated. In December, she completed her internship and credentials for principal certification, and she was contacted by Dr. Frank Davidson of Northern Arizona University and he informed her that she was nominated for the honor.

Professors throughout the state, including professors from Northern Arizona University, Arizona State University, University of Arizona, and Grand Canyon University select one outstanding master’s student they observed through internship and through their program to represent their respective school.  

“I was selected to represent Northern Arizona University,” said Bressler. “Which was such an honor and totally off guard.”

Bressler worked in dual roles for Flagstaff Unified School District while completing her second master’s degree, she works as an ELL specialist for a few hours a day and as the 21st Century grant coordinator at Killip Elementary School. Bressler has worked for FUSD for 20 years.

So, what motivates Bressler to do the work she does?

“What motivates me is the relationship that I get to make with the staff, with the parents, with the children…” she said. “I’m always looking for opportunities to grow and make things better. That has always been part of my teaching.”

Bressler said she is very thankful to FUSD for their continued support.

“I’m just really thankful to FUSD for all the years of supporting me and growing me as a teacher,” she added. “I feel very honored that they’re still continuing to grow me as a leader. I’m very thankful to the [school] district.”