FACTS Scholarship

Please submit your scholarship application to one of the following locations. 

         -- Your school's FACTS program during program hours. 

         -- The FACTS office at 3285 E Sparrow Ave. (Best to call ahead to make sure Melissa or Travis will be there to meet you. (928) 527-6180  

         -- Email the application to mklemp@fusd1.org

Please do not send paperwork to school with your student.

Your scholarship is not complete until the all required "Proof of Income" docments have been attached.  You are reponsible for all charges to your account until your scholarship goes into effect.  Approved scholarships are applied retroactivly to the date that it was submitted complete to Melissa Klemp or Travis Drake.  

Scholarship.pdf, 169.95 KB; (Last Modified on October 7, 2019)