Kinsey Inquiry and Discovery School

Information for Families on our Return

Please Complete Before Day One

Parent Acknowledgement Form

This was sent to your email on 3/1/21. If you did not receive it please call the office so we can verify your email to get it to you!

BinaxNow Consent Form

If your student displays symptoms while at school, we will be able to give a rapid nasal test to your child if we have permission to do so. This nasal test only goes in about ½ an inch into the nose, it is not the deep swab.

Before School


Student Arrival Procedure:


K- Fenced playground

1- Upper playground

2- BBall Court

3- Lower playground

4- Western half of field (corner of building to outdoor classroom)

5- Eastern half of field (corner of building to Lone Tree)

During School


Breakfast and Morning Circle:

9:00 Instruction Begins


Intervention and Support

Specials -


Dismissal and After School

Dismissal Procedures:

3:20 Silent Dismissal Begins

Procedures and Policies Specific to Kinsey



Additional Considerations


iPads will be utilized daily for classroom instruction.

iPads and chargers will need to be taken to and from school each day.

iPads should be charged to 100% upon arrival.


Restrooms are cleaned frequently with times documented.

Grade level cohorts have scheduled times within the master schedule to use the bathroom and to wash hands.

Reduced number of students will use the bathroom - one student per classroom will be allowed to leave the room for emergency purposes. A pass system could be enacted if needed to track students.

Handwashing and bathroom use can be done in each hallway's open use times.

Handwashing and distancing signs in place.

Designated bathroom times will have an aide to help with the routine and monitoring for the first two weeks.

Each cleaning is logged when completed and the log is visible for reference..

Handwashing frequently is encouraged

Handwashing Policy

Water Bottle Fill Stations

Drinking fountains are closed.

Water bottles will be given to each classroom for filling.

Each classroom will be given a refillable water jug to help with refilling.

Names need to be written on the bottle for collecting and cleaning.

Staff or students, during designated class bathroom times, can fill water bottles for students. Staff will supervise this.


Playground schedules are created with one grade out at a time.

Recesses are encouraged for student’s social emotional learning.

Supervised by Kinsey staff (teachers and staff).

Social distancing encouraged, masking mandated.

Mask breaks outside will be allowed but only when students are by themselves in one of the designated spots to remove masks.

These spots will be under the gazebo (one student to a table all facing the same direction.)

 Markings will be created on both playgrounds to provide the  6 feet of distancing for students to take a mask break. One student to each marking.

Hallways/ Common Space

Grade level cohorts will walk together. Only the two grades of the hall will be using that hall.

Only one grade level in the hallway at a time.

Classes will not pass each other in the hall - one direction only.

Hallway lanes, directional arrows, and signage in place to guide walking.

Visual reminders in place for staff and students to encourage 6 feet distancing while waiting at the restroom or filling water.

Arrival and dismissal will be staggered to keep cohorts from passing in hallways.

Hand sanitizing stations have been added to hallways and entryways.

Cleaning Materials Available to You

Spray bottles with Z1 spray and rags are provided in your classrooms. This method is the preferred method for cleaning during the day.

Spray bottles can be filled on site. We have a company that provides this for us.

Cleaning wipes are very hard to get! They are available at copy machines and each classroom was given a package to start. For items that the spray and rag method will not work on.

Non-porous objects could be cleaned and disinfected using a Quat (cleaning supplies already in the schools' ie: spray bottles).

Porous objects (books, cloth items) could be treated with Ozone or exposed to UV light (out in the sun for about 10 minutes).

How to Disinfect Spray with Z1:


Use the towel first to wipe down the table


Spray and let it set for 5 min


No need to wipe again- it is good to go

Cleaning iPads with Spray:

Spray the rag and then wipe the iPad

Students can help with spray occasionally - it is safe

Used rags and Filling Bottles: Towels can be dropped into any of the bagged bins located by the office or near the ramp. Lance or Aaron can get you a new rag or fill your bottles.

Blue towels should be used for the spray bottles only. Do not clean up other spills etc. with them.

Other supplies need to be requested from Becky so she can track inventory.

Preschool Only - you will use a different spray bottle for your classroom.


At this time, elementary can not take bus excursions per district current policy.

Walking excursions will be considered in the second week of school. Our magnet focus of outdoor place-based learning is important to us and we want to give students the chance to have this experience.

A Kinsey Walking Mitigation Plan has been submitted to the FUSD District Office and is approved once successful mitigation practices are displayed at school.

Generic Excursion Permission Slip


Sick Student Protocol - This is the detailed protocol from the district

We will use this same system for bathroom accidents, missing teeth, etc.

Teachers will fill out the nurse slip and pack student’s materials - a team member will come to pick up the student and escort them to the nurse office

Nurse Nancy will communicate any needed information back to you.

Care (isolation) Room

The care (isolation) room is the Parent Resource Room. This room includes a triage station for determining if symptoms are present. If a Binax permission slip is on file. We will be able to conduct a rapid test to determine if it's COVID.

Once confirmed the student will then be placed in the care room.

Students  will be supervised until a family member arrives.

Please make sure we have correct contact information for you. We do not want to have anyone not feeling well away from home.


We are providing supplies for the fourth quarter.

Remote students will still be able to access supplies from the supply bins in the front of the school.

Library and Tech Help

Ms. Rossi will provide classes with a cart of fiction and nonfiction books for students to choose from.

A crate will be given to teachers when it is time to return the books.

Ms. Rossi will then isolate them and use either ozone machines or spray and direct sunlight to sanitize.

Tech Times established around Cougar Time Library:

Morning Library week

tech help 11:00 - 3:30

Afternoon Library week

8:30-12:30 and 3:15-4PM

Cougar Time

Ms. Murdoch and Ms. Rossi will continue to provide Cougar Time for us. This time is for students to work on social/ emotional learning goals.

Goals for grade levels are included to the right.  

There will be a focus on the following social/emotional skills identified by grade level teachers:

K: Transitions & Routines, Self regulation

1: Transitions & Routines, Basic relationships, Basic self care

2: Getting the attention of others appropriately/self regulation, conflict resolution

3: Self advocacy, perseverance

4: Establishing an identity, self advocacy

5: Asking for help with specifics, situational awareness

Placement Changes

We will allow families to change their mind about in person or remote as we go.

Parents will need to contact Mrs. Herman at or by leaving your request with the office at  928-773-4060.

Once notified and confirmed, your student can start in the new placement on the following Monday of school.


We encourage snacks at school. Our students have been used to eating when they get hungry and we realize they need time to adjust to the lunch routine.

Teachers will be the ones handing out class snacks while wearing gloves. Students will be allowed to lower their masks to eat and drink water.

Snacks donated to classrooms are very appreciated.

FUSD Procedures and Policies at Kinsey



Policy or Procedure




Correct masking communicated, taught, and expected by all FUSD students and staff.

*Over nose and mouth at all times

*No Gaiter, buffs, or bandanas

Double masking is recommended

Masks will be available for students if they forget one. We do not have a box for every class. An amount will be given to you to have ready.

Students will not be allowed on campus without one.

Noncompliance per district policy:

Refusal to comply with proper mask wearing will be addressed as follows:

1st Time:  The student will be reminded to wear the mask properly, completely covering their nose and mouth. Students will have the chance to learn how to wear a mask properly. If the student complies and this is not a recurring incident, then no further action is needed.

2nd Time: The student will be redirected to the site administration. Conversation and teaching opportunities will take place as the first step.  If refusal reoccurs past the point of teaching moment, the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) will be contacted to pick the student up from school for the day.  Students will wait in the main office until parents come to school to pick up their student.

3rd Time: The student will no longer be allowed to attend school in person.  The student can still access all classes remotely via Zoom.

CDC Mask Guidance

Lanyards for masks are available for students to help them keep track of them

*spin lanyard around when eating to keep mask out of the way

Recommendation is to have students keep their lanyards and undeniable masks at school. They can wear the one from home into the room and back home again. They would wear the undeniable mask and lanyard at school.

Cleaning masks regularly is encouraged.

Social Distancing

To the best extent possible

Students will be cohorted into grade level bands for lunch and recess

Student instruction confined to homeroom or cohort classrooms as much as possible.

Two grade levels are assigned to each hallway and set of bathrooms

Distancing will be dependent on the number of students in each classroom, in the lunchroom, and on the playground.  

Air Filiterization

HEPA filters have been added to vacuums

Ionization units to help with air purification have been added to univents

Ionization Information Video

Other systems are being used for the nurse’s office and isolation rooms.

If class is quarantined the custodial team will follow more detailed and extensive cleaning protocols.

Encouraged to keep windows and doors open to help with air flow

Evaluation of air flow was completed and we passed with adequate air flow


Visitors will not be allowed on campus. This does include volunteers and unfortunately family members.

NAU student teachers will be on campus.

Binax Now Testing

Students identified at school who develop any of the symptoms above will be placed in an isolation area separate from staff and other students.  If testing consent form has been completed and signed by a parent; students will be tested using BinaxNow antigen testing kits.

Students will be sent home or to a healthcare facility if symptoms indicate a need for further evaluation and or if the student tests positive for COVID-19.

Testing Consent Form- Student

Possible and Confirmed Exposure

We will follow district protocols for quanatining

Our health officer will inform us on our procedure with guidance from the county

Students confirmed positive of COVID-19

Students Who Have Had a Possible Exposure to COVID-19        

Cleaning After Exposure


Please email if your student tests positive or has a possible exposure.

What Families Might Need to Know:

Transportation - Bussing


FUSD is Hiring

Miscellaneous Forms and Documents

Kinsey Reference Links

FUSD Policy or Protocols


Playground Zones for Arrival

K- Fenced playground

1- Upper playground

2- BBall Court

3- Lower playground

4- Western half of field (corner of building to outdoor classroom)

5- Eastern half of field (corner of building to Lone Tree)

Safely Forward Plan

FUSD Mitigation Plan

Contact Tracing EMPLOYEE Protocols:

Employee Confirmed Positive Procedure

Employee Possible Exposure Procedure

Sick Student Protocol

Contact Tracing STUDENT Protocols:

Student Confirmed Exposure

Student Possible Exposure

District Cleaning Protocols

Close Contact Definition (CDC)

Health Metrics

CDC (2/12) Guidance for School

COVID Questions:

VACCINE Questions: 

COVID Reporting

Ionization Information Video