• Technology Support Procedures


    What to do when the technology isn't...

    Is the matter urgent?

    If you are experiencing a problem that you need addressed immediately and cannot wait until the school tech aide's next work day, please put in a digital work order at helpdesk.fusd1.org

    If the matter is not urgent...

    If you have a tech issue that can wait until the school  tech aide is here to address, please do not ask the Library Assistant to help with the problem. They are trained for library circulation, not technology assistance. Do use a hard copy work order and give it to the Assistant in the school library. They will make sure it gets to the school tech aide on their next scheduled workday. Be as specific as possible about the problem on this form, complete with room number and teacher or staff name.

    Click here for printable technology assistance forms (.doc)

    Following these simple steps makes it easier to prioritize, cluster and time the technology issues needing attention and keep things running as smoothly as possible for all your technology needs.

    Thank you!