Visitors to Schools - Parents and Prospective Parents

  • Parents of enrolled pupils and parents who wish to enroll their children in the School District may visit, tour, and observe the schools and classrooms. Visitors, including parents and parents of prospective pupils, must follow the school’s procedures for scheduling visits, tours, or observations. The District may discontinue visits, tours, and observations if such events threaten the health and safety of the pupils and staff.

    The following procedures are only for parents of enrolled students and parents who wish to enroll their child in the school district who would like to visit, tour, and observe in schools and classrooms.

    • All visitors to any school must report to the school office upon arrival and sign-in.
    • For those who wish to visit a classroom during the school day, the visitor must contact the principal in advance to arrange a day and time for such visit. Parents of enrolled students and parents who wish to enroll their children in the school district must fill out form KI-E and obtain approval by the principal. Conflicts with the school schedule shall be avoided.
    • The teacher's first responsibility is to the class as a whole, and the teacher will be unable to converse at any length with the visitor. If a conference is desired, arrangements will be made by the teacher for an appointment with the parent either before or after school hours.
    • No person may enter onto school premises, including visits or audits to a classroom or other school activity, without approval by the principal. Neither will any person be allowed to conduct or attempt to conduct any activity on school premises that has not had prior approval by the principal.
    • Anyone who is not a student or staff member of the District, and is in violation of this policy, may be asked to leave the property of the District. Failure to comply with the lawful directions of District officials or of District security officers or any other law enforcement officers acting in performance of their duties, and failure to identify oneself to such officials or officers when lawfully requested to do so, will be against District regulations. Failure to obey such instructions may subject the person to criminal proceedings applicable under law.

    The District does not require masks or face coverings anywhere on the District’s premises except where long-standing workplace safety and infection control measures that are unrelated to COVID-19 may be required. Masks may be required at district schools where required by tribal law under valid tribal orders.