Visitors to Schools - Parents and Prospective Parents

  • FUSD Policy 3-203 Visitors

    Classroom Visits by Parents/Legal Guardians

    Parents/legal guardians of students who are enrolled in the District or who wish to enroll their student in a District school or program may schedule a visit, tour, and/or observation of the classroom and of the school. Parents may schedule a tour by contacting the building principal of the school that they would like to visit. The District administration shall permit a visit, tour, and/or observation unless doing so threatens the health and safety of students or District staff.

    The building principal may schedule the time and duration of a visit, tour, and/or observation so as to minimize disruption on instruction.

    Public Conduct on School Property

    The following constitutes interference with or disruption of an educational institution under Arizona's criminal code and under this Policy:

    1. Threatening to cause physical injury to any staff or student of the District or any person on the property of the District.
    2. Threatening to cause damage to any District property or the property of any employee or student at the District. The threat does not need to be directed at any specific property of the District to be a violation.
    3. Intentionally or knowingly refusing to leave the property after being ordered to do so by the Superintendent, building administrator, or District employee designated by the Superintendent or building administrator to maintain order.

    Either interfering with or disruption of an educational institution is considered a criminal act under Arizona law.

    Visitors on District property must adhere to all legal requirements and use obligations established by the District including, but not limited to, prohibitions against bringing alcohol, weapons, or drugs onto District property, or the use of tobacco or tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, on District property.