Employee Online Information

  • Information for the use of Employee Online at FUSD

    Employee Online is the system used by HR and Payroll for employees to view their HR/PY information and view their paycheck information.

    Some users are seeing issues with logging onto Employee Online (EO).  These are the result of stricter rules to prevent others from accessing your EO information.  The system is designed so you must log off then close the browser to ensure your session is not active for someone else on the computer.  If this is not done Eo sometimes will not allow you to login.

    Make sure you are using the new EO address at:  https://flagstaff-eo.apscc.org/BusinessPLUS/employeeonline/  Replace any bookmarks with the new address.  There will be issues if you attempt to go to old address then the new address. 

    Typically, the solution for most of these issues is to clear your cache, cookies, etc.  Here is a nice article with instructions for each browser. https://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2480401,00.asp

    Often opening EO with a different browser will resolve the issue.