Voice and Negotiations Committee General Information

  • The District will form a Voice Committee and Negotations Committee to obtain input on the Working Conditions of its employees.  Each committee will be comprised of represenation from the following groups: Administrative, Certified, Classified, Ancillary and Licensed Professional.  For purposes of these committees Working Conditions means workload, site and District support for employees, professional development opportunities, workplace safety, compensation and benefits.

How Your Voice is Heard

  • Voice Committee

    Two representatives from each district location are elected by their peers to represent them on the voice committee.  One represenative is a classified employee and one representative is a certified employee.  Members of the committee are responsible for gathering and sharing information.  This group has the ability to recommend items to Negotiations Committee.

    Negotations Committee

    Membership on the Negotiations Committee consists of full-time employees from the following groups:

    1. Certified Representation Group. The Certified RG consists of teaching and professional staff employed paid on the certified or licensed professional pay scale.  The Certified RG has one (1) vote to be case by the Certified Liaison (or designee).  The Certified RG is comprised of the following membership:
    • High School Teacher
    • Middle School Teacher
    • Elementary School Teacher
    • Licensed Professional
    • Certified Liaison
    • Non-Teaching Professional:  Counselor, Nurse, or Librarian
    • Licensed Professional:  OT/PT/SLP, Sped Therapist, School Psychologist.
    1. Classified Representation Group. The Classified RG consists of personnel paid on the classified pay scale.  The Classified RG has one (1) vote to be cast by the Classified Liaison (or designee).   The Classified RG is comprised of the following membership:
    • Transportation/Maintenance:  Bus Drivers, Bus Aides, Mechanics, Maintenance (HVAC, Carpenter, Plumbing, Grounds, facilities, and the front office staff of each group).
    • Site front office:  School secretary, data clerks, attendance, department secretaries, receptionists, attendance.
    • Paraprofessional/Aide:  Parapros, 1:1 Parapros, classroom aides, FACTS, crossing guards, recess and lunch aides, library assistants/aides.
    • Administrative Office Classified:  Payroll, Business Office, Department secretarial staff, Human Resources.
    • Classified Liaison
    1. Administration Representation Group. The Administration RG consists of personnel paid on the administrative pay scale and working at a school.  The Administration RG has one (1) vote to be cast by the Administrative Liaison (or designee).  The Administration RG is comprised of the following membership:
    • High School Principal
    • Middle School Principal
    • Elementary Principal
    • Assistant Principal
    • Administrative Liaison
    1. District Representation Group. The District RG consists of personnel paid on the ancillary pay scale and/or District Directors, Assistant Directors, Associate Directors or Teachers on Assignment.  The District RG has one (1) vote to be cast by the District Liaison (or designee).   The RG is comprised of the following membership:
    • Department Director
    • Certified Ancillary Staff Member
    • Classified Ancillary Staff Member
    • Coordinator/TOA/Team Leader
    • District Liaison
    1. District Cabinet and District Support Group. The District Cabinet and District Support Group is comprised of the following membership:
    • Assistant Superintendent (two members)
    • Director of Finance
    • Associate Director of Communications & Public Relations
    • Director of Human Resources
    • Administrative Assistant Student Support Services

    District Cabinet and District Support Group members shall not have a seat on Negotiations Committee and shall not have a vote on the Negotiations Committee, but shall serve in an important guidance and advisory capacity. 

Negotiations Committee

Voice Committee

  • Voice Submission Form

    To submit a topic to the District Representation Committee “The Voice Committee”, please complete this form and submit to your Voice committee representative. If you are unsure of who your representative is, please contact your supervisor or human resources.  The scope of this committee includes compensation, working conditions, and topics relevant to the overall success of the district.

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