Voice Image
    2 Representatives from each district location
    Elected by their peers
    Responsible for gathering and sharing information
    Ability to recommend items to the Negotiations Committee 

    4 elected Representatives from Classified & Certified
    The new version of IBS
    Principals and Admin included
    Ability to recommend items to the Board via Superintendent 
    1 elected liaison for Certified and Classified
    Attend both committee meetings
    Available to support his/her representation group 
    Available to answer questions M-F 7:30 to 4:30
    Meet 1:1 with Director of HR or message 24/7
    Certifications, Applications, ideas to share, ID badges, Personnel File, Medical leaves, and best of all free advice 
     Your best resource for guidance, direction, and feedback.
    Should be your first stop
    Voice Committee Members 2016-2017  

  • Voice Submission Form

    To submit a topic to the District Representation Committee “The Voice Committee”, please complete this form and submit to your Voice committee representative. If you are unsure of who your representative is, please contact your supervisor or human resources.  The scope of this committee includes compensation, working conditions, and topics relevant to the overall success of the district.

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