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Welcome to Summit High School

  • Summit is an accredited high school that offers an alternative to the traditional high school model for 9-12 grade students who want to continue their education and experience personal growth. Summit High School recognizes that there can be challenges in a student's personal environment, peer interactions, or academic performance.  Therefore, special attention and assistance are given to facilitate growth and understanding of self and others.  Students will be instructed with techniques that allow them to take control of the areas in which they are experiencing difficulty. By utilizing smaller class sizes, a block schedule, and a focus on graduation requirements, Summit can help students recover credits, graduate, and prepare for their future.


    Student and Family Resources

    To assist our students and their families with continued academic success during these unpredictable times we have provided some resources below that are both online and offline projects for all our students. Submitted assignments will help enhance students' grades toward achieving credit and completing those classes. Middle School and High School students can use the links below to access online assignments from their teachers, we will also have weekly mailings going out for those students that do not have access to a device and/or internet access. We will include instructions in those mailings on how our students will be able to submit the work they complete. Please contact your teachers with any questions or concerns you may have. 



    If you are currently enrolled in any PLATO classes we urge you to continue your progress in those classes. Should you complete your PLATO class and would like another class to be loaded please email for assistance in having another class loaded. 



    We know how hard our students have worked thus far for graduation and how important it is for both our students and families to celebrate this important milestone. We ask that you continue to check our website for any changes regarding Summit's graduation ceremony. You are also encouraged to email us with any questions you may have. 


    Summit High School Staff would like to thank you for your continued patience during this time and we hope you all remain safe and well throughout the coming months.




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