Northern Arizona Distance Learning
  • Flagstaff Unified School District (FUSD) brings a higher standard of distance learning education to students and families with Northern Arizona Distance Learning (NADL) serving grades 5-12 with high quality interactive online semester courses taught by certified teachers. The distance learning program provides multimedia-rich curriculum aligning to state and national standards as well as numerous online tools for both parents and students with courses developed by qualified and certified educators who understand student learning processes and styles.

    All credits earned through Northern Arizona Distance Learning (both elective and core) will transfer to any FUSD school. Additionally, all Arizona colleges, universities, and military programs recognize credits earned through Northern Arizona Distance Learning as traditional High School credits.

    Each course contains 18 weeks of instruction aligned to Arizona and national educational standards.  All 5th through 12th grade students under the age of 22 are eligible for enrollment and NADL is free to all students wishing to enroll in the school full-time.  If students enrolled at other FUSD schools wish to take online courses in addition to their full course load, there is an additional cost of $200.00 per semester of core credit and/or $150.00 per semester per elective credit.

    For questions or concerns please call Renee at 928-773-8170     

    or Cynthia at 928-773-8171. 

  • Students in grades 5 - 12 may enroll in NADL for an entire semester or school year.  NADL is approved for Arizona Online Instruction (AOI) and offers core and elective courses aligned to state and national standards.  NADL has been an FUSD school offering since 2005 and all courses are developed by Highly Qualified Arizona educators.  All credits earned will transfer to any FUSD school. 

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  • For students and families interested in registering for NADL, each step must be completed to confirm enrollment.

    Step 1: Complete the enrollment application available here:

    Step 2: Submit all required enrollment documentation to:

    Required documentation includes the following materials:

    • Valid Arizona driver's license 
    • Proof of Residency (Real estate deed or mortgage documents, Property tax bill, Residential lease or rental agreement, Water, electric, gas, cable or phone bill, bank or credit card statement, Payroll stub) 
    • Form 506 certificate of tribal enrollment issued by a recognized American Indian Tribe (If Applicable) 
    • Child's Birth Certificate
    • Immunizations
    • Home Language Survey
    • Pupil Registration Form
    • Residence Form
    • Academic Contract
    • 506 Form

    Questions or Concerns

    Phone: 928-773-8170 (Renee)

    Phone: 928-773-8171 (Cynthia)

    Fax: 928-714-0016

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Are textbooks used with courses?

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  • Can students go at their own pace? Can they "get ahead" so they can graduate early?

  • Do I have to complete all of my work using a computer online?

  • Do the courses count for high school credit?

  • Do the courses follow a set curriculum?

  • Do you offer courses for grade replacement?

  • How are absences handled in the online setting?

  • How do my grades transfer?

  • How do students get help?

  • How does the program work?

  • How is student progress monitored in a course?

  • How long do I have to finish?

Course Catalogues

  • High School

  • Middle School Course Catalogue