Welcome to Student Support Services

  • Student Support Services is responsible for a variety of different areas.  Some of the areas that are managed by the Student Support Services department include:

    • Section 504
    • Health Services
    • Counseling Services
    • Crisis Management
    • Prevention
    • PBIS
    • Student Discipline
    • Student Assistance Program
    • Student Hearings
    • Homebound
    • Child Welfare
    • Title IX

    Meet the Director - Cathy Cox, M.Ed.

    "The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take is away form you." ~BB King

    Cathy Cox joined Flagstaff Unified School District in 1992 as a teacher at Sechrist Elementary.  Since that time she has spent 12 years as a Coordinator for special education services throughout the district.

    Currently she provides overal direction to the Student Support Services Department, which encomppassess prevention/positive Behavior Support (PBIS), homebound, nurses, counselors, dicipline and attendance.  She is also the crisis team coordinator for the district.  Cathy serves as the Title IX compliance officer for the district, oversees all investigations, and is the crisis team coordinator.

    Cathy completed undergraduate work at Arizona State University, earning a bachelor's degree in eduacation with general and special education certification.  In 1991 she completed her master's degree in educational leadership and administrtation.  Seh also completed coursework and certificatioon for school principal.

    When not at work, Cathy enjoys traveling to warmer climates near water, where she can spend time on her paddle board.  Her favotite activities at home include reading, gardening, and her grandchildren.

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