Student Discipline


    The Governing Board is committed to maintaining school environments that are stable and contribute to the educational process. Within this context, the Board recognizes the need for fair, consistent, and responsive student discipline procedures designed to maximize administrator, teacher, student, and parent understanding and involvement.  Students are expected to conduct themselves, at all times, in a manner that will bring credit to themselves, their parents, and the school.  It is important that students know that the school staff is legally responsible for the conduct of students during school hours, while the students are on campus, or at any school function. Students are expected to follow the directions provided by all staff members during these times of responsibility.  Students going to and from school and students engaging in conduct outside of school that adversely affects the school community are also subject to school discipline.

    Arizona law requires that school authorities regulate student conduct and discipline students for misconduct.  Consistent with students’ due process rights, school authorities will discipline students based on the nature of the offense committed and the disciplinary history of the offender to preserve the good order and educational climate of the school.

    Disciplinary measures include, but are not limited to: conference with the student, conference with the parent, written warning, counseling, detention, confinement with implementation of mandatory provisions, suspension, alternative school placement, and expulsion.  Detention involves the confinement of a student to a designated area of the school for a limited period of time.  Detention could occur before school, after school, at lunch or during the school day.  Expulsion means the permanent withdrawal of the privilege of attending or visiting a District school or a District school-sponsored function (See District Policy JKE).