• Flagstaff Unified School District
    Middle/High Summer School Program
    Curriculum & Instruction Department
    Contact:   Christine Everett
    (928) 527-6021

    Summer School 2020 is only for High School Students.  

    If you are a Charter parent please refer to Option # 2 or # 3 and contact Northern Arizona Distance Learning (NADL), Renee Rosales as noted below.  

    Credit Recovery – students who have previously failed a course may enroll in the same course to receive pass/fail credit.

    Grade Replacement or Advancement of Learning – students who have previously completed a course but would like to improve the grade or if a student would like to advance in their learning may enroll in a course and receive a grade.

    Option #1 – Credit Recovery – register at your high school site for Plato Online courses, that will be done  at home - FREE (FUSD students only)

    Option #2 – Credit Recovery – register with FUSD – NADL (Northern Arizona Distance Learning) for online courses, that will be done at home - FREE (FUSD students and Charter students)

    Option #3 – Grade Replacement or Advancement of Learning – register with FUSD – NADL for online courses, that will be done at home – FREE (up to two half credit courses)  (FUSD students and Charter students)

    Summer school begins June 1, - July 24, completed at home, self-paced and support provided by FUSD teachers.  

    Contact Information:

    Flagstaff High School – (928) 773-8100 – kgraham@fusd1.org

    Coconino High School – (928) 773-8200 – cwhiting@fusd1.org

    NADL (Northern Arizona Distance Learning) – text (928) 220-0461
    or email RRosales@fusd1.org  www.mdlp.org/flagstaff

    For FUSD Middle School Students we will not offer summer school as each student will advance to the next grade and for those students who have academics needs they will be monitored during the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year.  Our staff will take all necessary measures to ensure your student will be on task!
    FUSD Staff thanks you for your continued learning opportunities for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year that you did at home!  We all worked hard to ensure our students were successfull. 
    Enjoy your family time this summer!  Keep up those academic skills!  
    Thank you.   
    Christine Everett
    Coordinator for MS/HS Summer School
    Curriculum & Instruction - Administrative Assistant
    (928) 527-6021